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If you are a construction company, property manager, or university looking to streamline projects related to trees, and minimize risk to your employees and clientele, we can help you.


When dealing with commercial clients, Ironwoods main goal is ensuring the success of the clients’ operation while efficiently managing the arboriculture side of the operation. We work with land managers and work to streamline the management of their trees

Pre-Construction Tree Protection Plans and Fencing Installation

  • If you are digging, pool installation, or any major renovation done around trees, a tree protection plan and tree protection zone for construction. Ironwood works with contractors to ensure that work on site can go ahead without violating by-laws and ensuring the trees are protected on site.

Tree Risk Assessment Management Plans

  • A comprehensive GIS based level one risk assessment of specific trees on site focuses on various qualities valuable to CLIENT for managing risk, capital costs, and designing a long term land use strategy. This would highlight specific trees for risk mitigation and management. Using the data collected in the level one risk assessment, a management plan would be designed to triage risk management and create an economical model of future tree care. Biodiversity analysis is one of the tools that aid in effective use of resources.

Detailed Tree Risk Assessments

  • Assessment of trees for risk at additional CLIENT OWNED locations based on the ISA level two Tree Risk Assessment. Level 2 TRAQs provide additional documentation which can be passed directly on to contractors when tree care operations are underway. These are easy to read and provide clear instructions and information of the specific trees in question. Level 2 TRAQ demonstrates THE CLIENT’S due diligence with regard to tree care and public safety.


Root Pruning and Surgery

  • This is a procedure that is sometimes required by commercial clients prior to construction near the tree. Municipalities often require root pruning is done by an arborist and recorded in the case of future failure. Root pruning is technical work. If done incorrectly it can lead to complete tree failure, tree decline, and decay. If the client wants to preserve a tree, it is often better to have a professional prune roots prior to construction to ensure minimal damage to the tree. Alternatively, sometimes it is necessary to inspect and prune roots following construction in order to remedy damage done via construction equipment.

Tree Planting

  • Not only is it an excellent PR move, but it is also one of the most highly variable costs when it comes to institutional arboriculture. Oftentimes high volume plantings are installed quickly and there is no accountability after the tree is installed. Because we operate on a relationship based model we are responsible for every tree in the ground and are committed to seeing our plantings succeed.

Tree Pruning

  • For clients who have numerous trees to maintain whether it is a condo corporation, or school, pruning to client specs is important to manage cost and ensure client satisfaction.

Tree Removal

  • Sometimes a tree is in the wrong place, is at risk of failure, or is just plain dead. This often involves technical climbing into the canopy with chainsaws, rigging large pieces of trees in order to preserve the site. As arborists, we are skilled at removing trees in tight spaces, like over play structures, windows, and even over exposed gas lines.

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