Ironwood’s educational goal is to help change how our society perceives fungi and trees - especially in gaining a fuller understanding of their importance and value.

We offer a wide range of training options including seminars (virtual and in-person), workshops (full or half-day), and interpretive guided hikes, with all programming tailored to each audience.


Current Topics of Focus:

For Community Groups including conservationists, gardeners, naturalists, and other interested parties:

a) “Fungi: Friend AND Foe” - a one-hour, basic introduction to the fungal kingdom

b) “Ask an Arborist: Exploring Common Questions and Concerns Around Caring for Trees, and What You Can Do to Support Our Urban Tree Canopy” - This is an event that can be offered to community groups looking to have technical questions answered in an entertaining and informative space

c) “Tree Care in the Urban Environment”  - one-hour seminar

d) “Trees and Construction Damage” - one-hour seminar to understand the basics of human impacts on trees and how to start mitigating those problems

e) “Invasive Species Affecting Carolinian Trees: Are invasive trees worth removing?” - one-hour seminar which is very popular with gardening groups


For Professionals in Industries Including Arborists, Foresters, Ecologists, Biologists, and Landscapers:

“Fungamentals” Series

  • These can be structured into half or full-day workshops, either on site at your location, or at our facilities in St George, Ontario. Our workshops focus on hands-on interactive experiences, built on a scientific foundation. Our goal is to improve field ID, diagnosis, and comprehension of the interactions between trees and fungi.  All courses include a balance of lecture and practical hands-on learning activities.

Topics include:

1 - Fungi Friend and Foe: Introduction to Fungi for Landscape Professionals
2 - Fungal Field ID Skills Part 1: Anatomy of a Mushroom
3 - Fungal Field ID Skills Part 2: Red Flag Fungi Stability and Decay
4 - Fungal Field ID Skills Part 3: Mycorhizzae
5 - Fungal Field ID Skills Part 4: Cankers
6 - Fungal Field ID Skills Part 5: Vascular Diseases
7 - Fungal Field ID Skills Part 6: Rusts, Roots, and Foliar Diseases
8 - Diagnosis Deep Dive - When to Call in a Referral


Practical Root Management Workshops

  • Often combined with topics above, these workshops focus on hands-on air tool experience, diagnosis of decay and management of mature trees, as well as signs of root impact in the canopy.
  • Presented in one full day workshop.


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